UPDATE 19.06.2024

Order books for full sets are currently closed and a waiting list for them is now active.

Practice sets and half sets are unaffected.

UPDATE 29.04.2024

I have just returned to work earlier than advised from a back injury and I am extremely busy

If you have placed an order don't worry I have seen it and will get it sorted just a bit sore, overwhelmed and slow at the moment so emails demanding 

updates are really neither required or helpful


As of 01.02.2024 I have unfortunately had to increase the price of pipes by 20% this is the only increase in the 14

years I have been doing this but is totally unavoidable at this stage.  The cost and difficulty associated with my materials

has skyrocketed over the last few years as has the cost of electricity, fuel and basically everything but me and the cost increase doesn't even cover the rises I'm facing but it will help a bit.  The cost increase obviously does not apply to any orders placed before this date and for now I am keeping the cost of a practice set low as I want to get as many pipers playing as possible.




Thanks Martin, best work I've seen ever
Paddy Keenan on the restoration of his Rowsome set

I went to visit Banba, Martin Gallen's pipes workshop in Strabane last Saturday. He had a chanter, Bellows and bag ready for mewhen I got to his place in Hollyhill. Top class craftsmanship from the brass to the leather and wood and because he is a piper himself there is a great attention to detailand to the needs of the player. He has committed to support me through teaching and pipe care and I have committed to getting to grips with a beast of an instrument plus modern technology allows us to have classes online. Leona and Martin made us more than welcome at their place. I will be sharing more on my blog.
Liam O Maonlai (Hothouse Flowers and musical genius)

Martin Gallen of Banba Design is a pleasure to deal with. He answers quickly, made and sent his product quickly and it is of extremely good quality (in my case a custom made reamer according to the SRS'smeasurements of the Kenna narrow D chanter
Hans Jorg Podworny

I have purchased items from Martin for some of my own customers over the past year and everyone of them have come back to say how pleased they are with them. After contacting Martin they told me they were impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm on reed making. I was very impressed on his work of refurbishing the Rowsome set of pipes belonging to Paddy Keenan, true craftsmanship.
Jackie Boyce (www.pipebagmaker.com)

Martin has made some of the best reeds I ever played on my Froment's Chanter! His reeds are fantastic! He is very kind to make business and as some other already have wrote, he was prompt to respond to my enquiries and was not few! 
Alex Navar (Brazil)

Mr Gallen offers an excellent range and quality of items for Uilleann Pipers. He was prompt to respond to my enquiries about winders for reedmaking and provided me with an excellent winder of outstanding quality for a very reasonable price. I hope to do business with him again and have no hesitation in recommending his supplies to other players and reedmakers
Dr. S.L. Johnson MB, ChB

Thanks for sending the reeds. They sound sweet and beautifully voiced. Great support and great packaging it's a pleasure doing business with you sir
Patrick Shaughnessy USA

"With Banba Design, Martin Gallen is doing the piping world a great service.  From reeds and reedmaking tools to general accessories and custom built cases, the range of products and accessories on sale here - made to a very high standard at reasonable prices - will be invaluable to anyone playing uilleann pipes.  The reedmaking equipment in particular is something I haven't seen on general sale before and many of these products previously had to be self-made or custom ordered from a friendly pipemaker.  Having these items readily available should encourage pipers to begin to tackle the art of reedmaking and having the right tools from the start will make some of the difficult early steps a bit easier.  I got myself a very nice, compact case too, which I would recommend for anyone trying to negotiate budget airlines with strict carry-on policies.  I hope the site is a big success."
 Cillian Vallely, Lunasa



Uilleann pipes available in D, C, C Sharp, B, Bb Various timbers available. Uilleann regulators are also available on request and quotes will be given based on the brief.


Reeds for any chanter just specify chanter type and required reed size. Satisfaction guaranteed

Reed Making

Everything you need for reed making