Terms and Conditions

Reeds: All reeds are offered on a satisfaction guaranteed basis, whereby, I only accept payment for reeds once you are happy with them. This is why I don't want payment for reeds before they are made. For every one chanter or regulator reed ordered you will usually receive three, this is so that you can pick the best and return the rest (returns are at your own cost). If you do not return the extra reeds or do not pay for them you will be billed for the full amount. Also if you do not want to keep the reeds I send you will still have to cover my postage costs. Please do not rush me where reeds are concerned, my work is top class and will only remain so if you let me work at my comfortable pace, I already work 12-15 hours a day six days a week so don't push me further folks.
Pipes: Pipes orders are usually subject to a 20% non refundable deposit, please check with me on this matter. Please ignore any mention of VAT on this site the text mentioning it has come up as a standard text when designing this site and I just can't work out how to remove it. I do not charge VAT to anyone never have never will.
I am currently experiencing an incredibly busy time therefore I will be refusing any reed or reedmaking tool order for the forseeable. 
I am a one man outfit and I do not have the time to keep items in stock so everything has to be made by hand and obviously this can take time sometimes.
I do not currently have time to give updates so don't ask for them it really does not help.